Upgrade or Repair? Navigating Residential Water Fixture Choices


Any old and outdated plumbing fixtures result in problems in bathrooms and entire household. Hence, every homeowner should know when to repair and replace their water fixtures. Technology is advancing at a fast pace every day. Today, you will come across updated water fixture models that last long and perform excellently.

Are you unsure about when to change or repair your residence/bathroom water fixtures? If yes, few signs will help you determine well.

Signs that your water fixtures require repair or replacement

When you experience water inefficiency

A decade or two back the criteria for water inefficiency was different than what it is today. Back in time, the old toilets consumed 7 gallons every flush. The new age toilets carry out the same task and require less water. The advanced baths make use of as less as 1.28 gallons every flush. It helps an average house save more than ten thousand gallons of water in one year.

Hence, when you see that the flush and other shower heads are using water inefficiently, it’s time of repair/replace it. When you replace worn out bathroom faucets and shower heads with advanced models, you’ll see that the water consumption of your residence has reduced drastically. Allow your plumber to select the correct water fixture so that it caters to the purpose.

For this, you need to reach out to an apt service provider or expert plumber. You can search for expert plumbing companies in your region.

When there’s a problem with the functionality

After 10 and 20 years of use, several water fixtures come up with issues. The issues can range from noisy water flow, excess leaks and reduced water pressure. Few problems get solved after a repair service. Other fixture problems require a complete replacement of the fixture.

The cosmetic concerns

Few plumbing fixtures don’t look correct in new age bathrooms. For instance, a toilet with a fading color and a sink dating back to the 1940’s or 1970’s is a complete mismatch. The new age toilets are mostly white. Few residents decide to opt-in for washrooms and other various fixtures in colors of beige, linen or bone. When you do away with old water fixtures, your bathroom can boast a contemporary look.

Plumbing fixture types and the repairs it requires

Have you decided to opt-in for new fixtures or replace the existing one with another? If yes, then it’s essential for you to learn about the repairs associated with various types of water and plumbing fixtures.

The water lines

It is an essential matrix of pipes accountable for carrying pure water to every fixture and faucet in the house. Hence, it is necessary to check this fixture on a routine basis. Otherwise, it will lead to issues like water leaks or blockage. That, in turn, would lead to water wastage or slow water supply. The vital point to consider here is that plumbing leak issues will not stay restricted to high water bills only. It will gradually affect the house walls with moisture.

Bathtub, bathroom, various types of drain and the kitchen

The primary concern here is of a clogged drain. It stops the wastewater to move to a public sewer of the septic tanks. You will find many gutters and drain cleaning processes to use.

The leaky faucets

A leaky faucet wastes an enormous amount of water. And this can make your water bills go high without your notice. In most situations, the repair solution is working on the washer that most probably will be completely worn out. However, when substituting the faucet washer doesn’t solve the issue, it could be you have a washer-less faucet. Here you have to replace the O-ring of the device altogether.

Sump pump

This water fixture clears out accumulated water. You can place it in the basement or anywhere close to the drain. This fixture might stop functioning owing to debris accumulation. That, in turn, results in collected water to damage the basement. The solution is preventive maintenance on a regular basis.

How to replace your existing fixtures?

Have you finally decided to replace all the existing water fixtures? If yes, then you can put into action smart and cost-effective strategies.

  • Purchase from a trusted source – Get all your home and bathroom water fixtures from an authentic plumbing expert that completely justifies your investment.

  • Don’t opt-in for low-quality water fixtures – Any cheap water fixtures will wear off fast. They are also not energy efficient. Low priced products are always not the best products. If you want to shop within your budget, opt-in for discounts from a reputed brand. Alternatively, you can also shop when there are clearance sales. It is the time when you get to buy the best water fixtures at a reasonable price.

  • Keep a tab of the water-sense ratingsSuch ratings are EPA issued, and it helps customers understand the water amount a fixture needs and compare it similar types of water fixtures.

Water leaks are unpleasant and cumbersome. What looks like a light drip, might lead to massive water leaks that might damage your walls and your entire house. Many people don’t want to get into the tedious process of reaching out to plumbing companies. But water leaks are an issue that only a trained plumber can fix. When left unattended the water leaks will aggravate. Some people wish to solve it through DIY techniques. But this won’t help in the long run.

The plumbing system pervades through the house walls. Hence, a slight leak or a pipe burst might dampen the drywall and damage it entirely. The wet spots are the early signs that you need to take note of and initiate action. There are times when water leaks reach the floor and affect your designer flooring work, such as wood-work floor designs and the like. The best solution is to search for a professional and expert plumbing company and request a customized solution. Most companies today provide long-lasting solutions and take a partnering approach in helping their clients with replacing water fixtures for home and office.

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