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Top US Cities To Move to if You Have a Tiny Home

Tiny Home US Cities
Best US Cities for tiny homes. Image credit: Adobe Stock.

With the rising popularity of the minimalist lifestyle, tiny homes have become more popular. For many people, they offer the chance to downsize, reduce their ecological footprint, and live more affordably in a culture that celebrates the simple and efficient.

Perhaps you are looking for a new location for your tiny home or are in the beginning stages of your tiny-home purchase. Not all cities are tiny-house friendly, but some stand out as beacons for the small-space community. Here are some prime US cities to move to if you have a tiny home.

Portland, Oregon

Portland has long been a haven for alternative living, and tiny homes fit right in. With a laid-back vibe, a commitment to sustainability, and an enthusiastic DIY culture, Portland is an ideal location for people who love the tiny-home culture. You’ll discover thriving social groups and meetups dedicated to this lifestyle.

Austin, Texas

As the world’s live-music capital and a bustling tech hub, Austin features a level of diversity that reflects its support for the tiny-home lifestyle. The city’s perpetually growing population and the need for affordable housing have led to a surge in zoning regulations that are friendlier to accessory dwelling units (ADUs—the technical term for tiny homes). Austin also boasts several intentional communities that offer a more communal living experience for tiny-home dwellers, such as the Constable Hill Community.

Asheville, North Carolina

Asheville’s picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains backdrop is one of many reasons tiny-home enthusiasts flock to this city. The local government and community have proactively advocated for and facilitated the creation of tiny-home villages. Supportive of eco-friendly living, Asheville also offers various workshops on sustainable building practices.

Seattle, Washington

With its high cost of living and strong focus on green initiatives, Seattle’s support for tiny homes has grown out of necessity and a shared commitment to the environment. Residents here can benefit from ADU-friendly zoning laws and a network of tiny-home builders and designers.

Boulder, Colorado

Echoing the ethos of its natural scenery, Boulder has a community that values sustainable living, making it a natural magnet for people interested in tiny homes. The city’s zoning and building codes are among the most supportive in the country, allowing for a range of ADUs and encouraging innovative tiny-home designs. Boulder’s natural surroundings and health-conscious culture make it an ideal retreat for people looking to live well in small spaces.


The tiny-home movement reflects a growing shift toward sustainability, simplicity, and community. Each of these cities showcases unique qualities that support and enhance the tiny-living experience. Whether you’re an eco-conscious individual, a minimalist, or just seeking a more affordable and meaningful way of living, these top US cities offer welcoming environments for tiny homes. If you’re moving an existing tiny home, make sure you understand how to prepare your home for transport. This lifestyle enables individuals to connect with like-minded communities, reduce their ecological footprints, and prioritize what truly matters.

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