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Thinking The Unthinkable: Remembering Forgotten Jobs


Let’s be honest here – there are things around the home that we have gotten into the routine of doing. We know to mop when the floor gets dirty, hoover up crumbs that appear, change our sheets every couple of weeks, yada yada yada. We know what we’re meant to be doing and what we’re good at, the things that will keep both us and our visitors happy. But what about all of the forgotten jobs? The ones that get left weeks, months, sometimes years on end? How often do we actually need to be doing these?

In The Bathroom

Look up to the ceiling in the bathroom and give it a good wipe down. There is a lot of moisture that gathers up there, especially in bathrooms which aren’t ventilated as much as they should or could be. There may already be mildew forming, which starts off as a pink or orange hue, and this needs to be stopped immediately. If you get a mild bleach formula and can spray it on to stop it, this should be effective enough. Remember to make it habit and wiping it down to keep bad bacteria at bay.

Outside The House

You can’t see what’s lurking inside your gutters, but chances are it’s not pretty. These are things that we often neglect to clear out until it’s too late and we’ve got a miniature version of Niagara Falls on show at the top of our house. It’s the same for drains too – ensuring that these aren’t blocked on a regular basis can relieve you of a lot of grief in the long run. Check the pipes outside of your house for any cracks and leaks, and if you know that you have cold weather coming up or live in a cooler part of the country, consider purchasing pipe heat tape to make sure that your pipes don’t freeze over the winter. It’s a long way off yet, but there’s time to get everything done and organised!

Look Up!

As really menial as it sounds, and quite pedantic, when was the last time that you wiped down not only the fixtures around your light bulbs … but the light bulbs themselves? There is so much dust on them that they can harbour over time, and giving them a simple wipe down before the filament goes and you have to replace them completely can give your room a total makeover with the influx of light. It can help to add a lot of brightness to what you possibly thought was an extremely dull room. Think about how much dust is around your house anyway and how often you have to wipe it down. Then think about how long it’s been since you’ve changed the bulb or gone near the light fitting to wipe it and consider how much dust may be sitting up there waiting for you to say hello. It’s a bit of a grim thought, but one that needs thinking about all the same!

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