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How Are Telescopic Pool Enclosures the Next Big Step Towards Home Remodeling?

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As the weather begins to cool, people who love to swim in their private pools start to look gloomy. Not only does the cold give people enough reason to stay out of the waters, but it also drives them crazy thinking about the cleanup costs. Pool owners have tried all kinds of temporary covers to keep their swimming pools clean and safe during the winter months, but the onset of spring always brings extensive cleaning of their pools. After tons of research, people have found the retractable pool enclosures to be their best bet for keeping the waters welcoming and clean long past Labor Day.

Why should you consider telescopic enclosure for your pool?

The telescopic pool enclosures not only maintain the sanitary conditions of your swimming pool, but they also help you save energy expenses. The new enclosures use acrylic and polycarbonate sheets on aluminum frames. The structure and the material keep the heat from escaping, keeping the waters warm and clean even when it is raining or snowing outside. You can use it as a sunroom or as an artist’s workshop for the winter months. An electronic telescopic pool enclosure guarantees the utmost comfort for the users. You can open it 2/3rd of the length of the pool, open it all the way or close it completely, depending on the weather, temperature, and sunlight. The clean and transparent material allows enough light to pass through at all times. These automated pool enclosures are sure to cut back your energy costs significantly.

How does an automatic enclosure transform a home?

The great idea is to extend your dining space into your yard, enclosed by the acrylic and polycarbonate walls on all sides. A dining table at the edge of the pool will provide you with the comfort of indoor dining, but the luxury of a poolside dinner. Technically, it is still inside the house, but the natural light, open space and the proximity to the pool creates a sense being in the outdoors while dining. The enclosure will shield you from the elements of nature, at the same time keep you warm and safe. It is an excellent idea if you host formal dinners and informal gatherings at your place frequently. The children can splash around in the pool when you can have an adult conversation at the table while keeping an eye on them.

How does it help with security?

Having an outdoor pool with an automatic enclosure ensures that you can always be ready for a splash. You can leave the floating lounge chairs around and keep the deck chairs “outside” overnight. You can also keep drinks at the bar and keep your grill ready for another barbeque. Life with an automatic pool enclosure for homes is easy and peaceful. You will not have to worry about intruders, dirt, and clean up as you do with your outdoor pool right now. A simple addition will bump up the resale value of your real estate by converting your humble abode to a luxurious modern home with an indoor pool area.

How can you experiment with the décor?

Another great idea to keep the energy bills low, but the pool area warm is adding a fire element to the poolside. You can add a fire pit for battling the chilly autumn evenings that outplay the current heating mechanism of the pool. The fireplace will not only add warmth but also make the space more welcoming for you, other family members and your friends. You will soon find that your friends love your home parties and they never want to leave the poolside thanks to the coziness of the natural fireplace right next to the poolside or the pool bar.

The inclusion of a new retractable telescopic pool enclosure gives you the freedom to experiment with the lighting. Apart from the regular light fixtures you have in your yard, you should think about investing in waterproof and water-resistant lights for lighting up the pool for the evening and late night swims. Adding the right lighting fixtures will not only increase the warmth of the pool but also create a coziness that is comforting and safe. You will always feel like going for a swim irrespective of the chill in the air or the snowflakes lining the transparent roof of the pool enclosure.

The new enclosure designs for rectangular pools, square pools, and asymmetric pool shapes allow the owners to experiment with landscaping and décor. You can create a space for yourself by adding different elements of decoration and interior landscaping that is entirely different from the rest of your home. With the new addition to your living space, you can welcome elements of modern minimalist architecture. You can include fountains, and water sculptures for elevating the aesthetics of your pool.

The new, sleek pool enclosures are cost-effective and energy friendly. In short, they are beautiful and useful. They will transform your house and give you enough reasons to love your pool as well.

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