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How To Survive A Remodel With Kids

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Tearing something down and starting over again in your home, whether it’s a single room, multiple rooms, an outdoor deck, or the whole darn house, can be a major project. When you add kids into the equation tensions are bound to get high.

Many people say that other than moving or having a new baby, remodeling can be one of the most stressful pressures to put on a relationship. When you have to worry about stress with your partner plus the stress of how you’re going to keep kids out of the rubble, it’s enough to make your family go a little nuts.

Don’t despair, however! There are a variety of ways to lessen the stress of a remodel. Take a look at some of the best ways to make it easier when you have kids.

Close Off The Remodel Space If You Can

Try sectioning the portion of your house that’s under construction if possible. Try using a tarp which serves a clear sign to older children that this part of the house is off limits!

For younger children consider a full-fledged baby-gate completely blocking them off from entering. Smaller children should never be allowed anywhere near a remodeling zone since they run the risk of choking on something small. Perhaps while installing a fixture you drop a washer and don’t notice it fall onto the ground where your little one can get to it. A small child will find all sorts of things to put into their mouth. It’s best to section the area off completely.

Get Out Of The House

If you are doing a full-house remodel, it’s best to live elsewhere while it happens. Consider a rental if it falls into your budget, or ask a family member if they could put you up for awhile. It may seem like a burden, but the burden of living in a construction site for potentially years is not something you want.

If it’s only a partial remodel, try to get the kids out of the house as much as possible. Try going to the park, or seeing a movie. If you’re remodeling your kitchen it’s a fantastic excuse to eat out!

Make Them Feel Involved

Try making your children feel like they are taking part in the project by giving them small tasks. Perhaps helping to paint, or wiping something up.

Making children feel like they are an active participant gives them a sense of pride and excitement about the project being finished. When the remodel is done they can feel proud that they also took part in it.

Hire Professionals

If you don’t have the skills or knowledge, it’s really not the best idea to embark on a major DIY challenge with no expertise. The stress alone of having kids is enough but when you add the pressure of a major project you’re just asking for trouble.

Do yourself a favor and hire people to do it for you! It will get done faster and in less amount of time.

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