Shopping For a Coriolis Flow Meter? Here’s What You Need to Know

Water Pipes Flowmeter

Flow meters are now a ubiquitous feature in all oil and gas facilities. However, the need for liquid and gas measurement extends beyond industrial settings to residential properties. Flow meters are very important in accurate measurement of both gas and liquids and they help reduce wastage. Any application where large volumes of gas and liquid are being used or produced must have highly versatile flow meters to ensure proper monitoring of the flow.

When shopping for a flow meter for your application, it is important to first consider your needs to guarantee the best value for money. The best flow meters utilize the latest technologies to boost accuracy and this is a feature you should consider when buying one. There are many types of flow meters in the market but the coriolis meter stands out for different reasons.

How Does a Coriolis Flow Meter Work?

To appreciate the reason why the coriolis flow meters are becoming increasingly popular, you have to consider how they work. This device uses the Earth’s Coriolis Effect to give an accurate measurement of the fluid mass flow rate.

The systems works by diverting the liquid being measured into two parallel sensor flow tubes inside the coriolis flow meter. Using an energized drive coil, the tubes are vibrated in opposition to one another. To get the mass of the liquid flowing through the meter, the mass flow meter’s phase shift is measured and the reading given is directly proportional to the mass flow of the liquid.

Advantages of the Coriolis Flow Meter

Forget the intricate workings of the coriolis flow meter and instead focus on the advantages. After all, you will never have to look inside and what really matters is the effectiveness of the technology in giving an accurate measurement of the flow in your application. Below are some of the advantages of using this device:

  1. Measuring difficult handling liquids – This is considered one of the main advantages of choosing the coriolis flow meter over the other systems in the market.
  2. Multi-parameter measurement capability – The coriolis flow meter stands out due to its capability to measure different parameters including process temperature, density readings, water-in-oil percentage, direct mass and volumetric flow rates.
  3. No straight pipe runs requirement – This means these devices can be used in any setting because you don’t require a straight pipe run either upstream or downstream of the coriolis flow meter.
  4. Low maintenance – There are no moving parts hence there is no routine maintenance required. This again saves on costs of operation.
  5. High accuracy levels – This is a crucial requirement in liquid flow measurement.
  6. Versatile range of flow meters – You can choose from a number of coriolis flow meters depending on tube arrangements. These include Delta Tubed (DT) flow meters, Micro Bend Tube (MB) flow metersand U-Tubed (UT) flow meters. These flow meters can be used in different applications including food and beverage processing, petrochemicals, process control, and paint production among others.

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