5 Ways Safety Bollards Are Used in Urban Areas

Safety Bollards In Urban Areas
Safety bollards in urban areas. Image credit: Adobe Stock.

Safety bollards are pole-like structures that stand in high-traffic areas where pedestrians and vehicles converge. They are seen throughout cities to protect citizens when out and about. To learn more about using these devices in your workplace or construction project, here are five ways safety bollards are used in urban areas.

Parking Lots

Parking lots are high-traffic areas with pedestrians and cars coming from multiple directions. Installing safety bollards in your parking lot helps prevent incidents or collisions. It will also help to guide vehicles in the right direction by blocking off areas to designate walking paths.


Mainly attended by walkers, bikers, and children, constructors must take precautions in public parks. Surrounding a field or playground with safety bollards can protect people from any hazards that can arise.

Bank Protection

Bollards should surround bank teller windows, whether drive-up or an ATM. This protects them from vehicles that have gone awry. Furthermore, safety bollards can protect the building from theft or other crime.

Stadiums and Event Spaces

On an event night, stadiums and arenas are buzzing with pedestrians and their cars. They feature hundreds of people walking around at any given time, from standing in line to enjoying the show. Having clear placement of bollards will protect attendees and staff from vehicular danger.

Entry and Exit Doors

Keeping bollards in front of entrances and exits is vital. Things can quickly go wrong in parking lots, so protecting customers and employees when they are near the road is important for any business owner. Keeping up with bollard safety standards will help support the security of your business.

Accommodating pedestrians and cars in your business with bollards can keep everyone safe, whether they are walking, driving, or working. Remembering these five ways safety bollards are used in urban areas can serve as a reminder of the important places to place these structures. Maintaining control and security should be a priority, so install safety bollards as needed!

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