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The Benefits of Property Styling for Selling Your Home

Property Styling

If it is your intention to put your property on the market then there is a little bit of hard work ahead of you in order to make sure that it is sold quickly and it is sold for the best price possible. You need to remember that there are lots of properties out there in the Australian marketplace that are currently for sale and so you need to do whatever you can to make your property stand out from the many others. Like everything in this life, it’s all about the preparation and so it is up to you to make your home a lot more appealing so that it can attract the best buyers.

One of the first things that you need to look into is property styling and this isn’t just a quick tidy around and throwing out old furniture because it involves a real process around designing and arranging your property so that you can feature its best attributes. When prospective buyers come into your home, they have to imagine what it would look like with their things in it and so in order to make it easier for them, you call in a property stylist. Everything will be taken into consideration including the whole layout of the property, the lighting inside and out and even your lifestyle.

The following are just some of the benefits of property styling when it comes to selling your home in Australia.

You get a higher valuation

If your home is looking fantastic both inside and out due to your property being styled then it is sure to attract many more buyers than the other homes and as we all know, demand can drive the price up. On average, homes that are styled by professionals fetch more money every single time and up to 10% more in some cases.

Your property sells quickly

If you have your eye on another property that you and your family want to purchase then you need to sell your current property as soon as you possibly can. A property that sits on the market too long isn’t attractive to potential buyers and if you decide to have your property professionally styled then you can expect it to sell 30 percent faster than other properties that didn’t make the effort like you did.

It creates the right first impression

First impressions are everything in this life and especially so when it comes to selling your property. You want potential buyers to fall in love with it from the very beginning and so making sure that it provides a warm feeling, looks inviting and is attractive with regards to its kerb appeal then there is a higher likelihood that a potential buyer will put in a bid.

It doesn’t make sense to cut corners and so spending some money for property styling makes good financial sense because the property will sell quicker and for more money.

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Danuta Smoluk is a teacher with over three decades of experience teaching both children and adults. She specializes in teaching the Polish language to English-speakers. She has a master's degree in primary and early childhood education from WSP Słupsk (currently Pomeranian University in Słupsk) and had her degree validated by University of Toronto. Aside from education, she also has an interest in real estate and home improvement. She has planned and supervised many house renovations. She loves interior design, cooking, and gardening.

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