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Why You Might Need a Home Inspection this Year

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For most people, their home is their most significant investment and biggest monthly expense. After paying off your mortgage, you’re still faced with utilities and repair work. You might not be able to control the bills. But you can reduce the chance of a potentially expensive repair work later on by investing in a home inspection. Inspectors will examine the structure, roof, electrical systems and plumbing in your home.


The structure is a key part of any home inspection. This includes checking for weathering and any problems that might make your home unstable. Several factors contribute to the stability of a building. While your house won’t collapse, they can turn into astronomical bills if untreated. If you can diagnose structural damage in the early stages, you can repair it quickly and affordably.


The exterior of a building is at risk from the elements. Storms and strong winds can loosen parts of the windows or drainage systems. Water damage might rot wooden window panels. You might also have problems developing in the brickwork. This is difficult to identify and diagnose without the help of a specialist. And it can prove costly if it goes untreated.

Roofing System

The roofing system is an expensive part of your house to renovate and repair. If the tiles become loose and damage occurs on the exterior, it can lead to leaks. Unfortunately, homeowners rarely climb up onto their roof. This means damage can often go unnoticed for years.

Electrical System

Electrical systems inside the house need proper maintenance. First, older wires are prone to increasing their resistance which can lead to higher monthly bills. Second, if something isn’t working, it can lead to electrical fires. While the second is an extreme case, they can and do happen from time to time. A quick inspection will reveal which parts of the electrical system are working perfectly, and the ones leaking power. The inspector can also diagnose problems and identify areas that are at risk.

Plumbing Systems

Coming home one day to find your house full of water is probably the worst case scenario. But it happens to thousands of people throughout the United States every day. The reason is a leak that went unnoticed and eventually lead to a burst pipe. Sometimes your lounge gets flooded causing damage to your furniture. Other times you might notice a persistent drip coming from the ceiling. Worse still, the toilet might suddenly stop working. It should take an experienced inspector no time at all to examine your home for defects in the plumbing system. Then you can invest in the repair work to stop your house becoming like an overflowing river.


The interior of your home includes all the rooms from the kitchen to bedroom to lounge. Various things can affect these parts of your home such as structural damage, rot or an unknown insect infestation.

Why you might need a home inspection

Home inspections involve a professional analysing your house for structural integrity, unnoticed damage and areas in need of immediate repair. If you don’t want to spend thousands later on, hire an inspector this year.

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