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All You Need to Know About Gang Mailboxes

Cluster Mailboxes

A mailbox instantly gives a unique look to your house or office. It can be as elegant or funky as you want it and it can be as functional as your requirements entail. If you want a mailbox alone, that can be done. If you’d like your mailbox to also be a space for the daily newspaper, that is fine too.

But a mailbox isn’t all fun and games. If you’re thinking about a mailbox, you must keep protocols in mind. It needs to be at a certain distance from the road, there is a set height to be maintained from the bottom of the mailbox to the surface and there must be a design standard adhered to at all times. When these protocols come from the United States Postal Service it becomes serious indeed.

This is especially true in the case of gang or cluster mailboxes.

A gang mailbox is ideal for large residential complexes or multi-tenant spaces. The mailbox is built in such a way that a master door is used to gain access and then the mail is delivered to individual mailboxes. A tenant then uses his/her own key to retrieve their mail. Placards with name and number or engraved clearly marks who the space belongs to. You can choose from a wide range of ID options.

If the mail is bulky or larger in size than the regular letter, the mail carrier places it in a special locker dedicated to parcels. Once the parcel is placed, the key to the locker is put in the tenant’s mailbox, for his/her convenience. The key stays in the lock to be retrieved by the carrier next time. This way, the key is not lost and neither does the carrier have to chase after a tenant to take it back. More than one parcel locker can be placed in the Florence cluster mailbox option. Gang mailboxes range from 8 to 16 door mailboxes. They come in many colors, including the ever popular sandstone and black.

Once the CBU mailbox is installed, the USPS will need to be called in to install the master lock. The service is the only one with access to the master lock keys as well.

CBU mailboxes approved by USPS come with fabulous security features. Among them are:

  1. Theft prevention – strong anti-fish comb and a sloping hood for the outgoing mail slot helps in preventing theft.
  2. Tough exterior – the aluminum used in the mailbox is aircraft grade. The locks that latch through the frame are tamper-proof. The mailbox is welded not with human effort but robotically. This makes for added safety of your property.
  3. Proofing – no part of the mailbox can be removed (except mail!). The mail is kept dry by a sloping roof and front drip edge. This means, no matter the weather your letters remain dry and safe.
  4. Locks – 5-pin stainless steel cam locks come with 3 tenant keys. The lock is also protected from the elements through a shield. You can get more keys or replacement parts if you so wish.

Gang mailboxes are long-wearing and practical. Go in for one for your building, today!

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