Which Should You Choose: Timber, Bricks, Cement or Insulated Panelling?

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Building a home should be designed with great care, a keen eye for detail, accuracy and precision. It is a huge investment you are going to make, so it would make sense that you want to go through everything meticulously.

Foundations are the most crucial consideration of any home. If your house is built solidly, it will last through many lifetimes, and it will be a significant endowment to your children and your children’s children. That’s why you should think twice regarding what base material would work best for your home.

There are many choices on the market nowadays. Check out below what type you can select for your foundations.


You can go for bricks, the obvious choice for many people. Bricks are quite efficient if you’re looking for a sturdy material. However, bricks can wear out over time. You have to “repoint” them in the future when the mortar thins out and loses its effectiveness.


Cement houses are also a crowd-favourite nowadays since concrete has high fire resistance, high structural capacity and they are very durable. But, the main problem with cement is that it is more expensive than any other base material. What’s more, forming concrete is overly time-consuming compared to other methods. It will take too long for you to complete the whole building process if you want a cement house.

The other problem with cement is that it has low elasticity. It means that if you live in an earthquake-prone area, your house is at risk of having cracked walls in the future.


You can also go for timber. Wood-framed homes are great when you want an effortless construction process. It also has excellent sound and noise insulation if you are looking for these benefits. But, timber is the most dangerous base material you can get because it will rot and will attract many parasites such as beetles. It can lead to infestation inside your house, and it will cause a lot of health problems for you in the long run.

These are the most common choices available now. As we can see, they cannot guarantee 100% high performance. So, it might be best for you to look for alternatives. One alternative we can give you that could potentially beat every single one of these base materials is insulated panelling.

Insulated panelling

This is a new contender for a foundation material, and it’s got everything you’ll need for building a secure home. This material is water-resistant, impact-resistant, energy efficient, time efficient and eco-friendly. The best thing about insulated panelling is that it is a healthier alternative to cement, brick and timber since it is non-toxic, mould-resistant and breathable.

As you can see, insulated panelling is the best there is available on the market today. You will get considerable benefits from having insulated panelling as your foundations. If you want to increase your knowledge about it, check out SIPs panels UK.

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