The Choice of Window Glazing Contributes to Improving Home Insulation

Window Glazing

As the environment of the world is changing rapidly and we are moving towards warmer climates, the choice of windows and window glass becomes very important. The window together with the glazing plays an integral part in ensuring comfortable living by reducing the heat exchange that happens through the glass. Window glass or glazing is critical for home insulation as it contains the temperature of the interior at a comfortable level and reduces the energy bills as the need for using air conditioners become less. Less use of cooling equipment means less emission of greenhouse gases that reduce the pollution load on the environment and helps to make the earth a better place to live. In this article, we will discuss the role of window glass in improving home insulation.

U-Factor of windows

You should install energy efficient windows at home, and many factors contribute to making windows energy efficient. Among all other factors, the insulation factor is most important, and it comprises the window material together with glazing. The insulation factor or U-factor is something that homeowners must understand correctly. Usually known a U-value the insulation factor was created by the NFRC (National Fenestration Rating Council) in the US. NFRC is a non- profit organisation whose responsibility is to rate the energy efficiency of building components, and it includes the window industry. The U-value indicates how much the window is capable of keeping homes cool.

Reducing the U-factor

Since the window glazing contributes to U- factor, to lower it, the use of double glazing windows has become a norm. Double glazed windows units or DGU uses two glasses on a pane and the gap between it is filled with some gas or vacuum that prevents the exchange of heat between the surfaces and helps to improve the insulation. Sometimes, people also use triple glazing to enhance insulation further, but the incremental effect is just marginal. Hence, using double glazed windows is more beneficial.

Hermetically sealed windows

Double glazed windows are hermetically sealed so that moisture cannot enter into the space between the glasses as it is already filled with gas or vacuum. As a result, it eliminates the chances of moisture condensation on the glass surface that could blur vision. If you are installing double glazed windows, make sure that the sealing is perfect because most poor quality windows fail on it.

Improving insulation

To improve the insulation of windows, you must pay attention to the gas used in the blank space between the glasses. After removing the dry air from the panes, you can replace it with an inert gas like argon or a blend of other gas. Inert gases have excellent insulation properties and ideal for improving the insulation factor of windows.

In addition to improving home insulation, windows are also helpful for protecting homes from the harmful UV effects. Treating window glass for reflecting UV and other wavelengths of harmful light rays prevent UV rays from entering inside.

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