Alternative Heating Solutions for Off-Grid Living

Solar Panel Array House Roof

Green heating solutions are not just ideal for lowering your energy heating costs. They provide a ready solution when your property does not have access to electricity and gas supply. They provide ingenious solutions that help you solve heating and lighting headaches that come with this lack of access. You will live comfortably in your property without any danger of freezing to death.

Since these energy options rely on availability of renewable energy, you need to consider using combination solutions. This ensures you have heating available at all times. Many off-grid homeowners will use fuel generators and wood stoves to heat and light their homes, although ready solution scan interfere with the environment. Fuel generators can also be expensive to run.

Alternative solutions allow you to live off the grid but still be kind to the environment. Some of the options you can consider include the following.

Solar solutions

This is by far the most popular option available. This option taps into the ready energy of the sun to provide you with a ready source of heating and lighting. All you need to install are solar panels, have a way to store the energy and you are good to go. It is a cheaper option that provides instant results. The energy here is clean as its generation does not emit any toxic gases into the air. The only limitation is that you will not have ready access to it when the sun does not shine. This makes it an unstable source depending on where you live.

Harnessing wind energy

Wind energy is another clean option that you can consider. It harnesses wind power to turn turbines that in turn generate storable energy. This energy source does not cause environment pollution nor does it cause you to incur additional expenses to run. You will have the energy you need for heating and other lighting of your home. The downside to wind energy is its inconsistent availability. On less windy days, you will have trouble running the system. You will still need to use other energy sources. The advantage of this option is that it does significantly lower your energy costs as you do not need to run your generator or burn wood to heat or light your home.

Air source heat pumps

This option works by tapping into the heat available in the air. The pump works by using its fluid to absorb the heat from the air. It utilizes a compressor that increases the absorbed heat temperature. The hot fluid then passes through a heat exchanger that delivers the absorbed heat for water heating and for the central heating system for distribution. You will find that there are two different ways air source heat pump heat can be used. You can use it in a boiler and radiator set up that creates a wet central heating system for air-to-water distribution. The other option is to use fans to distribute the warm air generated by the absorbed heat in an air-to-air distribution.

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