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7 Ways to Monitor Your Home to Detect Harmful Toxins

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Many homeowners are already aware that their homes have a significant number of toxic materials. Many of those who don’t know are scary about the idea or the thought of having poisonous and harmful elements in their homes. Much fear has been created and hyped by social media platforms and the mainstream media. There is the argument that most of the materials in homes are very harmful and can easily cause serious health complications. It is common to see a television program discussing how toxic materials at homes can cause multiple health complications, including cancer.

As a homeowner, the prevalence of toxic products in your home is something that scares you. This is because you are concerned about your family, and you are interested in providing care to your young ones. However, there are various methods that you can use to detect harmful products in your home. This article has prepared a comprehensive analysis of all the harmful materials in your home, how they come about, and how you can eliminate them in your house. Some of the toxin causing materials have been elaborated in this article.

1. Look Out for Mold

Mold has for a long period been considered as the most common toxin that is found in various homes. The fungus appears after building materials such as timber and concrete come into contact with moisture for an extended period. If this fungus is not treated or removed immediately, there are possibilities that it will result in serious health challenges. You can easily identify molds in wet areas in your home. Some white, black, and green growth indicate the prevalence of mold in your house, especially in an area where your water has been leaking. Mold can easily be eliminated through scratching and other physical methods.

2. Test for Radon

Radon is an odorless gas that is found within homes and has been known to cause lung cancer. Various scientific studies have proven that radon can cause lung cancer and other respiratory problems. This gas is very dangerous because you and your family members can be inhaling it without knowledge. It is difficult to detect it because it does not have taste and smell. If you are a new home buyer, you should make sure that you ask for tests to be conducted before you can occupy your new house. As a homeowner, you should also make sure that tests are done every year so that you can be certain of your health and safety.

3. Learn About Asbestos

Most of the traditional houses were made with flame-retardant insulation that was made with asbestos materials. Many horror stories have been reported about asbestos, which makes it one of the toxic products that you could be having in your home. Continued exposure to asbestos materials has been known to cause respiratory diseases and lung cancer. Some of the common areas where you can detect asbestos include linoleum flooring, HV/AC ducts, and siding among others. You can use an inspection to determine whether your home has these materials before occupying. Luckily, Most of the homeowners and realtors have been forced to disclose whether their products have asbestos.

4. Check for Phthalates

This is a chemical compound that is used in plastic manufacturing companies to make plastic flexible and soft. This means that it is possible to find this chemical in most of the plastic products in the kitchen. Verifiable research has shown that phthalates are available at significant proportions in plastic toys, toothbrushes, shower curtains, food packaging and in most perfumes. This is a worrying discovery as most of the areas mentioned are constantly in contact with humans. Some of the complications associated with this chemical include the death of testicular cells, which can result in low sperm count and birth disabilities.

5. Be Wary of Medications

Ironically, you have been using medications to eliminate some health problems that you have been experiencing. Many people want to have medications in their houses as a provision for emergency cases. Little do they know that they are promoting the existence of toxins n their houses. Most of the medications and medical products turn poisonous when they pass their expiry date. Others become toxins when they are exposed to direct sunlight for a prolonged period. Your children could drink some liquid medications because they are sweet and tasty, which could be catastrophic. You need to dispose of all medicines and medical products after use.

6. Organophosphate Pesticides

With advancement in agricultural production, every farmer thinks that he is increasing his yield per year by spraying his crops with any pesticide product in the stores. Little does he realize that he is using toxic products to increase production. You should be wary that you are continually consuming agricultural products without the full knowledge of how they have been grown. Organophosphates have been known to cause lower levels of sex hormones and testosterone. Pregnant women should also be concerned about this product because it increases the chances of miscarriage and can lead to a baby with retarded growth.

7. Firm Inputs

Common firm inputs such as fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides are toxic and harmful products, but you have them in plenty in your house. Although the intention of buying them is known and is done in good faith, it is important to record that firm inputs are as harmful as any other toxic product discussed above. You could be eating most of the herbicides on a regular basis from the vegetative food products. You could also be eating or even drinking pesticides as they wash through the soil and mix with groundwater. To avoid critical health challenges, make sure that the groundwater is treated for toxic chemical products.

From the discussion above, it is clear that you have toxins in your house. You are also aware that most of the toxins discussed have been associated with lung cancer and other illnesses. Therefore, it is necessary to keep a close eye on your house so that you can detect toxic products and other materials and treat or eliminate them before they cause harm.

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