5 Tips to Filing a Temporary Change of Address

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1. Visit a post office

In order to file for a temporary change of address, you can visit your local post office where you can get the form, PS 3575. This form allows you to file for the change of address, and once signed, the post office makes the necessary arrangements. Filing for a change of address directly at the post office is easier if you reside close to the post office, and it helps you save on verification costs for online application. The only drawback, however, is, that some forms are misplaced and some applications can make it through for approval even without the required signatures. This makes the customers avoid the use of the post office for their applications.

2. Make an online application

Going online for a temporary change of address is another choice that is mostly preferred because it is faster and more convenient. This is because the applicant can acquire all their credentials from the post office’s servers rather easily. When one makes an application for online temporary change of address, there is a service fee charged, though it is very affordable, at $1. This fee is to allow the post office to verify your address information. When making an online application, it is important to remember to indicate that you are making a temporary change of address, which should not exceed a time of twelve months. You then just fill in your personal details and after paying the fee and submitting the form, the application is complete.

3. Call the post office

This mode of the application works in tandem with either the online application or the physical visit to the post office. The applicant calls the post office and makes a request for the form 3575, the change of address form, which the post office mails to your home address. This mode of application also requires the applicant to pay for the verification fee, so as to make sure that the information given is correct to prevent fraud. After the form has been filled, the applicant can then send the form back to the post office via mail or take it directly to the office themselves.

4. Ensure everyone is covered

When you are making an application to change your address, it is paramount to include all the names of the people who you are making the move with, be it your spouse or even your children. This is necessary because if you do not do that, only the mail of the person whose name is indicated in the application form will be forwarded to the new address while the rest is sent to the old address. If not all of you are moving, you can just fill individual forms for each person moving, but if it is a family moving, you can just fill out one form with the family option, but this only works if all of you have the same last name. Thus, everyone will receive their mail at the new address.

5. Notify your associates

Mail forwarding allows you to continue receiving your mail while notifying anyone you would wish to tell of your new address. This list may include any friends you may want to keep in touch with or any important businesses, like banks, clubs, your employer and other associates. Use your list to check for any names on the mail you receive in your new address, then send out change-of-address notifications to those that you care to inform.

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