5 Interior Design Factors to Consider When Buying A Walk-In Bathtub


Your parents are elderly, and the old bathroom is inefficient and unsuitable for them or you have a sick family member who needs a better way to shower by themselves. Clearly, they cannot get into the fashionable alcove bathtub in the bathroom and you have to get something different. The walk-in bathtub comes into mind and you decide to go shopping.

Even though this is the standard mode of operation for most people, it shouldn’t. It is okay to care for your loved one but and in doing that, you should get a remodeling, interior design or renovations expert to take a look at things first. This is because there are various interior design factors that you should not overlook. The following interior design and architectural factors should be considered before buying the walk-in bathtub:

1. The size of the bathroom space

How big is the space in your bathroom? Will the existing space make it possible for the bathtub’s door to open outwards? Can a person in a wheel chair get easy access to the tub? Even though you are very excited to get the bathtub, the size should be considered. While thinking about the size, you should also consider if there will be sufficient space for the professionals to work in there comfortably.

2. Your style

You probably have a style for your bathroom and you would like to keep it that way. You should therefore consider if the color and the finish of the bathtub will match yours. Even though this is the welfare of a sick or an elderly person, it is pertinent that you consult an expert so as to pick a bathtub whose color and design will complement your bathroom. The material used to make the tub and the model of the tub will also affect the tub chosen.

3. Accessibility

Where will the bathtub be located? Will it be stuck in the upstairs bathroom and is there sufficient space in the bathroom downstairs for a bathtub to fit. You should keep in mind the accessibility of the bathroom to the elderly or the sick immobilized individual. Once you have the surety that they will be comfortable with the bathtub upstairs or downstairs, then you may go ahead with the purchase having determined the size of the space.

4. The cost of possible remodeling

You will notice in the course of shopping that walk-in bathtub prices are considerably high, depending on the model and the materials used. You should also keep in mind the associated remodeling costs. The plumber and the interior designer or contractor may have to make a few changes to the bathroom. Will you be able to afford the overall total cost?

5. Possible alternatives

A good interior designer always goes through all the possible options before making the decision to go one way or the other. Carry out some research to determine which other alternatives could be out there for you. Have you thought about the slide-in tubs, bath lifts, or bathtub transfer benches? These alternatives could provide just the same amount of comfort as the walk in bathtubs.

In conclusion, the size, lighting, location of the door, the walking or maneuvering space, the lighting, and the presence of partitions should be considered when looking for comfortable bathing solutions to elderly persons or individuals with mobility difficulties. Accessibility, with or without help as well as comfort should always be on top of your mind.

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