Utility Rooms: 4 Key Questions To Consider

Laundry Room

As the home interior experts keep telling us, we’re in the era of the utility room (or laundry room, depending on where in the world you live).

This is partly due to the change in how people use kitchens. Once upon a time they were reserved for cooking and nothing else. Now, they are an extended living space, with more and more people opting to have social spaces within them.

It means that some people want to banish laundry from the kitchen – which is where utility rooms enter the picture.

There are certain considerations you need to take into account when designing these rooms though. Through today’s post, we will mull over some of these design factors.

Will it take some other kitchen appliances?

Sure, you will need to know how to install a washing machine in your utility room – but what about everything else?

More and more people are using this space to accommodate other appliances. For example, some people will make space for their fridge, just so free up a little room in their kitchen. The same rule applies with freezers, but you have got to ask yourself just how easy or difficult it will be to cook in your kitchen if such appliances aren’t as reachable. Like a lot of things related to the design of your home, it’s about finding a happy medium.

Do you need ironing space?

This next point might seem small on the face of it, but if the answer to the question is positive it is going to have huge repercussions on the size of your utility room. Ultimately, it needs to be much bigger. You need to fit an ironing board, whilst of course having the space to maneuver around it. The benefit is of course that all laundry activities are condensed to the one room, which again frees up the rest of your home.

What about laundry storage?

The final two issues we are going to speak about relate to storage, which is of course one of the big talking points when it comes to modern-day home design.

If you are going to store laundry in this room, it’s going to make a difference to the dimensions again. Garments, particularly bed sheets, can take up a lot of space and this needs to be considered.

Also, you probably don’t want such garments sticking all over the place – you’ll need to tuck them away, and this is why cupboards will probably be your preferred option.

What about larder storage?

Next, onto larder storage. Some people will use this room for not just laundry, but food as well. This time, we’re not referring to a fridge, but the foods which don’t have to be refrigerated. In other words, vegetables and tinned ingredients.

Whilst your utility room isn’t going to be a junk room by any stretch, by using it as a larder as well you can relieve a little space from your kitchen and make it more relaxing for those social occasions.