Introducing the Latest and Cleanest Energy Resource

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There are many ways to generate electricity and power. We’ve come a long way from coal and wood. We still use steam, water and geo-thermal power. Our vehicles depend on fossil fuels. Alternative sources of energy like solar power are also fast gaining users. Is there a better, cleaner, cutting-edge energy resource that can help us with our power woes?

Most of the developed world has power on tap. But the supply of power is not ideal. Power plants are situated far away from the cities. The plants themselves are noisy and polluting. Power is supplied through miles of lines and cables. Along the way, there is quite a bit of transmission losses as well. When you think about it, power plants were built for a different time and age. Power needs were nowhere near as aggressive as they are now. So, while the plants have done whatever they were built to do, it’s time that people looked for better ways to generate power.

And N-Gen Technologies has done just that. It uses natural gas to address power woes in the world. Natural gas is found in the atmosphere and mainly consists of methane. The other gases in the mix are nitrogen, CO2 and helium, among others in varying percentages. The gas is formed by decomposing animal and plant matter which are subject to huge pressure and heat. This makes the gas abundantly available. What’s more, gas prices are at the lowest they’ve been in decades.

Natural gas is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used electricity generation sources. In fact, when combined with other harmless energy sources like wind and solar energy, it can prove to be efficacious, reducing burden on existing power structures. So even if you’re embracing of solar panels to run your home’s power needs, a natural gas power producing device will only add to the efficiency of the product.

The device is the N-Gen 1. This dependable, consistent, quiet and small device has the capability of handling all your power needs. That’s right, 100% of your electricity needs! What’s more, if you need to scale up the electricity requirements, it can do that too, going up to even 1 MW.

The device can be placed in an unobtrusive space, next to your washer-dryer, for instance. Installation takes place in minutes, and once set up, you can be assured of stable power through the day and night, all hours of the day, all days of the year. The device is good to go for at least 25 years and you can recover the cost of the device- the price of a refrigerator- in about 3 years, or less.

When you add the device in your existing home, you will see a drastic reduction in your fuel bills. If you’re building a new house, reduce your carbon footprint by installing this from the get- go. Even the manufacturing of the device results in a low carbon footprint. This is a win-win from whichever angle you were to see. It’s superior technology to produce energy, it reduces pressure on existing power plants and can help to make the world a cleaner, greener, healthier place.

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