Thermally Broken Steel Windows Give More Value For Money

Dining Room Windows

Steel windows are back in fashion and architects have renewed their faith in the industrial style steel windows of the 19th Century. Whether it is for residential constructions or commercial settings, steel windows are now the designer’s choice. While the looks of the windows resemble the old versions, these are much different due to high versatility and improved energy efficiency. The slender frames with large glass panes are things of beauty that will not allow you to look for other options. Moreover, the longevity of steel windows is unquestionable.

The sight of steel windows is so much aesthetically pleasing that it does not fail to draw the architect’s attention. The structural potential of steel windows is huge as it can support large sections of glass while the sightlines remain slim and trendy. The custom steel windows and doors made from thermally broken steel is an ideal example of how well form and functionality blend in window designs today. To understand why you must replace your old windows with modern steel windows, keep reading.

Looks matter

Since windows are mostly for exterior use, the looks matter a lot because it contributes to the overall aesthetics of the design of the building. Since steel has a unique elegance and appeal, it facilitates the stylization of windows made from steel. Some of the most prestigious public, residential and commercial projects do not hesitate to use steel windows.

The strongest construction material

Being the most durable material used in construction work, it is the unanimous choice for construction work of any size and at any place. How sturdy steel is can be understood from the fact that a one-inch piece of steel is capable of withstanding a force of 30mph. When this force exceeds, steel will bend but never break. Hurricanes too are unable to get better of steel. The strength of steel is used in making floor to ceiling glass walls on steel frames and massive French doors measuring 14 feet. The structural integrity of steel is three times more than aluminum.

Long lasting

Steel is highly durable, and it can last for years together. Even today, you might come across steel windows made a hundred years ago. Steel has the properties of withstanding temperature fluctuations and as it does not expand or contract there are no chances of warping or cracking. Above all, steel does not rot. The only reason why you might think of replacing old steel windows is to replace it with new technologically improved windows that have better thermal performance.

Energy efficient windows

Steel windows have taken the giant technological leap by improving its thermal performance. Although steel has lower thermal conductivity than aluminum, it did transfer heat and cold. In the technologically improved steel windows, the heat transfer ability has come down to nil. No heat or cold will now pass through the steel section, as there is a thermal barrier between the external and internal frames. This improves the energy efficiency of steel windows.

If you are planning for home improvement, think about switching over to thermally broken windows.